A Special Update – Plan B(iz)

It’s come to my attention that this site has provided a good read to viewers. Plus many would like regular updates.

Elmo has currently got this blog in his mind, so keep checking in for updates in the near future. ( Hopefully )

-Please leave comments and things you would find useful to give the authors of the blog some material that would help you.

-Plan B(iz)


Monday 4 – Plan B

I’d like to apologize to any regular readers for the lack of collumns this week due to various reasons.

Anyway, moving on to yet another Inspirational Idea..

The Wall Method

Im not drunk nor high as i write this collumn, it is a genuine method that ive come across during my time on forums and animating.

The method its self is very basic, simply sit on a chair or lay on a bed and look at a blank wall, take a deep breath and simply think, the tip is however not to think i need an idea what could i possibly animate. Think of recent movies, what you did at the weekend etc. I too thought this was a pointless method but i suprised my self at what i could think of too animate.

Your Everday Life

Even you and and your simple life can create such a creative and original life. Think about your daily routine and give it an exciting edge. Brushing your teeth is a pretty boring thing to animate, but what if another stk man came in and had a toothbrush war XD. Perhaps you could animate toothpaste fight plaque on a tooth both being reprented by stk men.

Even your past time activites can come into effect i.e skating.

This concludes my collumn.

On a side note, my pc i broken hence my absence on msn etc, should be fixed by tuesday, wednesday.

Sunday 3 – Nev

Animator/ion of the week

Gotta say I love the stuff Gameslave put out this week. Two new animation scoring both first and second.

#1. Gameslave’s Madness Combat
Click to download

#2. Gameslave’s Kansas City Shuffle
Click to download
Click to view thread

#3. Crimzy’s Effects
Click to download
Click to view thread

Tuesday 3-elmo

Ok, my little talk time, thanks once again to all the people that have been subscribing, I hope it helps you and I’d really love some feedback, it would be great, also we are nearly at 2000 visits, so thanks to everyone that has been visiting and supporting what we’re doing, now to get on with my lil tut for this tuesday.

Simple effects

Right then, simple effects, these kinda things can really spice up and animation and make it look so much better, and like the title says they are simple, so they don’t take much time or effort to carry out, but they can make and animation so much more, and make you as an animator stand out of the crowd, and also you’re on your way to becoming great at effects, because, everyone has to start somewhere.

Simple punch Ok this one to the left is the anim I sahll be be adding to, with an effect each time so, let us get started with a really easy ground shake.
Most people already know what this is, but some people put them in the wrong place, so I’ll cover them just to make sure it is all good in the hood.
All you do for ground shake is move the subject of the animation down vertically around 4 or 5 pixels, the bigger the force you need the more pixels you move it down, but don’t go too far, because it does look rather strange then, what I personally do is on the next frame I’ll move the subject up by one pixel, do give a small after impression, so let’s see what this looks like.

ground shake Here you can see that the small ground shake adds a fair amount of power to the attack, but we can add more, and make it look much more powerful, such as inverting the colours of the frame where the attack takes place, let’s try this out and see what we get.



Flash Ok, for me personally I don’t like this, but it can add power when used it the correct context and place in an animation, so don’t rule it out straight away.
Next I am going to do something that I don’t see in alot of animations, and this is add a shadow to the stickman, this is one of the coolest little effects you can do, and often it is really rather simple when doing it with no background such as these animations.

Shadow [piv]

All you need to do for a shadow is create a leg stick, this is the same size as the leg of your base stick, but have the origin of the stick where the ankle would be on the actual stick man, then on each frame, place it behind your stick man, and about 4 pixels below the foot of your guy, making sure the shadow is at the same angle as the leg, you’ll see what I mean in the next anim, enjoy.

Well, that’s it for now, I hope this helps and as ever feedback people, I wanna know what you like and how we can improve pivotblog for you guys.

elmo out

Monday 3 + Regards To Tyson – Plan B

Get Well Soon Tyson

I’d like to start my post with wishing tyson all the luck in hospital after suffering an eye related injury in a skate accident, if you too would like to leave your regards and best wishes please feel free too in a form of a comment.


On a lighter note, here is a quick and easy way on how to develop ideas. Many would of heard this technique, and therefore have no need to read on, but just remember it’s a simple but effective tool.

For those who haven’t brainstoriming is simply jotting down ideas as they come to your head on some paper in a form of notes or a spider diagram.

Time yourself,  30seconds to a minute with a pen at hand and some paper and write as many words as you can or phrases. Once done read over what your wrote to develop a base line to an animation.

For example in 30 seconds i typed the following

Pie, Pencil, Paper, Mountain, Sking, Snowboarding, iPod, Music… and so on.

From just these words i could animate a snowboarding related animation perhaps, or an animation revolving around pie.

Brainstorming brings out ideas you didn’t know you had XD.

-Plan B(iz)

Sunday 2 – Nev

Animator/ion of the week

There were 4 animations this week that actually had some depth and quality.

#1. Alchemist’s Depths
Link to thread

Great animation. Unique and with backgrounds. Only flaw I can really point out is the lack of action..

#2. Vermi’s Tentaculas
Link to thread

This was a close second. I really considered it for first place but the ending was a little rushed I think. Instead of just showing a dead octopus, showing it dying would’ve helped..

#3. Skempik’s Rambo Preview
Link to thread

Epic start to this one and I’m sure it’d look better without the .gif rape as well. But, it lacks length.

#4. Elmo’s Day 3
Link to thread

The animation isn’t bad but it’s short, black line and there are some slight flaws with position.

#5. UberGamer’s Pole Fight
Link to thread

Loved it but standard black line fighting has been overdone.

Friday – wereZ

Todays little lesson/tip , is 3D in pivot.

The things youll need are :

  • pivot
  • a 3d program
  • transparent windows
  • patience

Now this isnt the conventional way of doing 3d but i find it easiest, first start up youre transparent windows program. My program of choice is martins windows transparency : http://www.tucows.com/preview/335518 .

Then start up your 3d program:

and make a simple cube.

Then open pivot and do the transparency in thefigure maker box.

Then its as simple as tracing, then moving in the 3D program, this can also help with cell shading your objects for a detailed animation, or making FP weapons.